Vinyl FAQs

Are decals legal on my car?
100% legal.

Can I custom my special decals ?
Sure, mate! Great car graphics custom job with competitive price.

Can I apply the sticker by myself ?
Yes, small car decal is easy to apply. But please seek professional help for large area graphics.

Do you provide car graphics design service ?
Yes, only $150 for full-car graphics design. We also provide logo design service.
Do you provide full-car graphics installation service ?
Yes, please come to our workshop in Clayton. See Map

How does CarX make car decals ?
We use vinyl cutter with great handcraft. End products are edge-cutting transparent car decals/stickers.

How long will the color last ?
5-10 years, it depends.

Can I make car stickers using desktop printer ?
No. The image won't stand the sunlight & rain.

What if I need a full-color image decal, like photo ?
You need to find an outdoor solvent printing provider, usually low-res, high-cost, with odor.
But we can simplify & seperate the colors for you in vinyl-cut way.

What the vinyl/color option do I have ?
A wide range of normal colors, and some special vinyls (metallized/reflective/pearl/fluorescence/textured).

Can I wash my car with stickers outside ?
Our premium quality car vinyl is totally waterproof and UV resistant.

I got my car scratched and I don't want to pay that much to do the expensive paint job!
That occurs so frequently, right? Apply a special sticker, just for you.

Tinting FAQs

Why should I choose CarX ?
Competitive price, dust-free workshop, professional skill, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty.

What's the film brand CarX use ?
We use Suntek High Performance 20% - 35% film currently. It's better than 3M in tinting industry.

Can I tint my windshield ?
Sorry, but it’s illegal to tint your windshield in Australia.

How dark the film should I choose ?
Less than 35% light transmittance is illegal.

What should I do before tinting ?
Remove old tinting (please seek professional solution before leaving an almost certain mess).
Wash your car completely, clean inside dust.
Clean the glass inside and outside.

What should I do after installation?
Do not roll down filmed windows for a period of 2-5 days.

Do not wash inside window for 30 days after installation.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloths. Use a mild soap and a clean soft cloth or synthetic sponge.

Reference: Vicroads regulation about windows tinting